Clients require their products at the right quality, qty and time. To achieve these objectives, manufacturers should reach certain quality standards within their operations. But how could you assure your manufacturers to achieve such standards? By appointing H&L can help you to audit your manufacturers in such program.

In general, we will check the following aspects for a factory audit:

1. Factory's background

2. Manpower

3. Product capability

4. Machinery and equipment

5. Manufacturing procedures

6. Quality control system

7. Management capability

8. Environment

The auditor inspects the factory beginning with raw material storage and inspection. Tooling workshops are inspected. The auditor then "walks" the Control Plan through every manufacturing process. The last steps of the factory inspection are final test, packaging, and laboratory areas. By the end of the auditing day, the auditor knows if the quality systems claimed by the factory are in practice and if the management is committed to constant improvement.